Above central Windermere

You Don’t Have To Be RAF To Fly Over Windermere

The RAF regularly use the Lake District to perform training exercises, giving the pilots some stunning views

People are often thrilled to see fighter jets flying amazingly low, fast and loud along the length of lakes and off up into the hills. Obviously, you need to have a pilot’s license to fly a plane in the first place, and be one of the cream of elite pilots be let lose in an RAF fighter – so seeing the spectacular scenery from up high has been reserved for a select few…

High above Borrowdale

Until now.

“Tales From The Southern Lakes” changes all that and brings you previously impossible views from both high above the mountains and inches above the reeds.

Low over the reeds of Podnet Tarn

Low over the reeds of Podnet Tarn

Windermere's famous Belle Isle

Windermere's famous Belle Isle

Fly over the centre of Wastwater, discover the islands on Windermere and sneak a peak at a few locations we know you’ll have never seen before.

See the Lake District in a whole new light in this brilliant new film "Tales From The Southern Lakes"

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