Above Styhead Tarn, near Borrowdale

The Easiest Route Up Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and Great Gable

We show you the fastest way to see spectacular views from the top of any Lake District mountain

There’s no doubt about it, Borrowdale and Eskdale provide some of the most dramatic mountains and scenery in the country. Skafell Pike, Kirk Fell and Great Gable tower above the ancient track which runs between Seathwaite in Borrowdale and the Wasdale Head Inn at the north of Wastwater, officially one of the 3 birthplaces of British Rock Climbing. Although many people do scale these dizzying heights, the scramble up is far beyond the strength of the rest of us mere mortals….

Our fantastic new film “Tales From The Southern Lakes” shows you this scenery as nobody has ever seen it before. We’ll fly you along the route and reveal secret tales and fascinating stories along the way.

What, rather unfortunate record does Seathwaite hold?

Which church is made from dismantled Viking Longships?

Where will you find gnomes under the water?

Discover clues to one of the best-kept secrets in the country - the identity of King Arthur himself, right in the centre of the Lake District.

Once you start looking beneath the tourist surface, The Lake District reveals incredible true stories and fascinating tales, some of which have become legend or story, and even novels. Melvyn Bragg based his novel 'The Maid Of Buttermere' on the true, scandalous events which took place at the Fish Hotel in Buttermere itself, but did you know the odd name 'Buttermere' has nothing to do with Butter? (I'll give you a clue, it's a Viking name)

Which well-known pleasure cruiser has had more than a fair share of unfortunate mishaps? Why did Shakespeare base one of his characters on a murderous court jester from Muncaster?

The answers to these and other intriguing questions (including numerous gruesome tales of murders and ghosts) are revealed for the first time. Take a look at the trailers for Tales Of The Southern Lakes and Legends Of The Northern Lakes

High above Rydal Water

Derwent Water's Surprise View

Central Wast Water

Central Wastwater

Fly over the centre of Wastwater, discover the islands on Windermere and sneak a peak at a few locations we know you’ll have never seen before.

Discover ghost, ghouls, murders, history, and wealth of fascinating tales which will make you see the Lake District in a whole new light

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