Discover dreadful
Murders & Scandal
in the Lake District

Murders & Scandal Polaroid
Above central Wastwater

The Ladies Of The Lakes

There have been 3 women dumped unceremoniously in 3 different Lakes in Cumbria (so far!), the most gruesome discovery to date was of the body of Wastwater's murder victim, Margaret Hogg.

Learn about the dreadful murders of Margaret Hogg and Sheena Owlett, and discover why Wastwater, Crummock Water and Coniston Water are definitely the last places you want to go swimming...

What's lurking in Wastwater?

Mary Robinson Etching

Local Teen In MP's Fraud, Bigamy & Deception Scandal

Scandal has rocked numerous parts of the tranquil Lakes on many occasions, never more so than when a local teen bombshell was seduced by a lying, cheating swindler who claimed to be a Member of Parliament. Hold the front page! The Profumo Affair was mild in comparison. You think today's scandals are bad? Just wait until you discover Mary Robinson, The Maid Of Buttermere...

Discover the headlines that caused outrage in our engrossing film Legends Of The Northern Lakes.

Hush-up, Cover-up and Buried News

Murders from both long ago and alarmingly recent. Beheadings, shallow graves, dismemberments and tragic shootings. Heads have rolled (literally), and the truth has been covered up. The guilty have not always been brought to justice.

Scandal from the 19th Century, and on-going controversy in Ennerdale. Nothing changes.

Discover these and more shocking news stories the tourist authorities go to great lengths to keep quiet.

Get the full picture in our fabulous films and Read more in our Blog

Legends Of The
Northern Lakes

Discover fascinating legends, true tales and dark mysteries from The Lake District

An hour of stunning stories and all-new footage from the northern half of The Lake District - a land filled with Kings, knights, eagles and wolves. A region of splendid isolation and bitter controversy.

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Tales From The
Southern Lakes

Discover incredible true stories and hidden locations from the Lake District

Discover over 65 minutes of fascinating tales and all-new footage from the southern half of The Lake District. A region bursting with daredevils, poets and authors - with astounding scenery and curious history.

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Tales & Legends From
The Lake District

Discover the Hidden Lake District they don't tell you about

This special guidebook picks up where all other guides stop. As you explore new corners and visit your favourite locations, you'll discover the incredible true stories hiding in plain sight.

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Heritage & History Polaroid

Heritage & History

Thousands of years of occupation have seen Bronze-age miners, Romans, Vikings, Normans and Victorians alike stamp their distinct mark upon the region.

Scratch the surface and you'll discover a unique mix of cultures.

Poets & Authors Polaroid

Poets & Authors

Who was Lakeland's real-life MI6 Spy?

Which famous children's stories were BANNED, and what has Wordsworth got to do with corpses at Grasmere?

Aliens & Ghosts Polaroid

Aliens & Ghosts

Uncovered: The terrifying exorcisms, ghosts and ghouls which haunt every corner of the Lake District.

Revealed: The UFO incident which sparked international panic.

Heroes & Daredevils Polaroid

Heroes & Daredevils

Learn about the incredible record-setting exploits of Sir Donald Campbell & Sir Henry Segrave, and the tragedy which connects them.

Mountains & Scenery Polaroid

Mountains & Scenery

For the first time, you can fly high over England's most spectacular scenery.

We bring you unique footage of never-before filmed locations, and all the favourite tourist spots.

Legends & Myths Polaroid

Legends & Myths

Revealed: The historical Lake District events behind the legend of King Arthur.

See the damage caused by Coniston's evil fairies, and what remains of a church destroyed by the devil himself