Ducks On Muncaster Tarn

5 Places In The Lakes You've Never Seen

There are dozens of fantastic Lake District locations, but most people don't even know these ones exist

Over 15 million visitors every year flock to one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Lake District in Cumbria, England. However, most people head towards the well-known tourist spots such as Windermere, Ambleside or Coniston to enjoy ice-cream, tea, views and walks. There are dozens of lakes which receive thousands of visitors but some, like the following, are much less often visited. Indeed most people don’t even know of their existence.

  1. Arnsbarrow Tarn, on Top O’Selside (a large hill to the east of Coniston Water). Gangs of outlaws led by Adam De Beaumont terrorised this area in the 13th Century. Very few images and no film footage except ours exist of Arnsbarrow Tarn as it’s difficult to spot on any map, and the walk to it is not particularly easy. Our fascinating new film “Tales From The Southern Lakes” flies right over it and lets you see this hidden gem in detail.
  2. Arnsbarrow Tarn

    Arnsbarrow Tarn

  3. Burnmoor Tarn, just south west of Scafell Pike. One of the largest natural tarns and rarely visited as the walk to it crosses terrain with no obvious path. 15 lost walkers were rescued by the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team here in 2014.
  4. Burnmoor Tarn

    Burnmoor Tarn

  5. Muncaster Tarn, a short distance in-land from Ravenglass and Muncaster Castle. Tucked away in managed forest, up a fairly steep walk, sits one of the most stunning hidden treasures of the Lake District. Muncaster Castle plays a key role in several tales of murder and intrigue and is officially the most haunted place in England.
    High Above Muncaster Tarn

    High Above Muncaster Tarn

    Muncaster's Tom Skelton

    Muncaster Castle's murderer, Tom Skelton

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  7. Wharton Tarn, AKA High Cross Tarn, just south of Tarn Howes. If you’ve visited Tarn Howes, you have probably passed right by it and not known it was there. It’s small, perfectly formed, eerily quiet and well worth the 5 minute walk to find it.
  8. Wharton Tarn, near Tarn Howes

    Wharton Tarn, near Tarn Howes

  9. Podnet Tarn, south east of Bowness on Windermere. It’s amazing how being just a little bit off the beaten track means Podnet is almost completely unknown! You can have this beautiful, quiet little tarn to yourself all day.
  10. The Incredible Vanishing Podnet Tarn

    The Incredible Vanishing Podnet Tarn