Tales From The Southern Lakes

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Discover the REAL Lake District, the Hidden Cumbria they don't tell you about.

Lakeland is bursting with daredevils, poets and authors, with astounding scenery and curious history, but it's also a region filled with more than it's fair share of murders, ghouls and incredible true stories.

Discover how a murderous, mad Muncaster axeman beheaded his way right onto the pages of a Shakespeare play.

Discover the facts behind the UFO sighting which sparked international panic at the highest level, including at Buckingham Palace.

This region has altered the course of world history but harbours darker stories very few people know about. Discover this Hidden Lake District for yourself. Sit back and enjoy these free previews.

Arthur Ransome's Peel Island

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The character of 'Titty Walker' in the 'Swallows And Amazons' books raised eyebrows at the BBC.

The name was actually taken from Flora Annie Steel's book 'Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse' but in a more conservative Britain of the 1950s, it was felt too risque and changed to 'Kitty' for a radio adaptation.

Even the 2016 'Swallows And Amazons' movie changed the name to 'Tatty'; a controversial move which whilst erring on the side of politically correct caution, annoyed the family of the real children who inspired Ransome's stories.

No matter how many children have sniggered or parents blushed, there's no doubting Peel Island's popularity due to it's fictional double - 'Wild Cat Island'.

People flock from all over the world to see it for themselves. All you have to do is watch the preview clip here.

Claife Station, Overlooking Windermere

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Good enough to make a lady faint!

The Claife Station was a Victorian viewing point, built specifically so that the visiting gentility could look out in awe over Windermere.

Tours and guided walks made much of the apparently overwhelming view. 'Ladies of Quality' were warned as they approached, in no uncertain terms, to prepare themselves for the emotional shock, ecstasy and bouts of fainting that the impending experience may lead to, although this result was more likely to do with tight fashionable corsets and a small climb..

The Victorians may have over-egged their pudding slightly, however they didn't have the ability to compress a full day into a matter of minutes as we have in this beautiful sunrise timelapse. As far as we're aware, this is the only such sunrise ever to have been filmed from this location.

We can't promise you palpatations or swooning, but it saves you getting there by 3am on midsummer's night.

Legends Of The Northern Lakes

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A land filled with Kings, Knights, Eagles and Wolves.

Stunning footage and many incredible tales from the controversial northern half of The Lake District

Fly over mountains as never before possible to discover Alfred Wainwright's famous 'Innominate Tarn', and the bizarre reason Watendlath Bridge is famous.

Discover the White Witch of Bassenthwaite, and the romantic Tragedy of Sir Eglamore of Aira.

From the flooding of Thirlmere, to the lost villages of Haweswater. From the Once And Future King, to the last remaining King Of The Mardale Sky.

The Legends Of The Northern Lakes must not be missed by anyone who's ever heard a folk-tale.

The Legend Of King Dunmail

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The Last Ever King Of Cumbria

And you drove right past him without noticing! He's very likely one of the two major origins of the Legend Of King Arthur found in the Lake District, Dunmail's tale contributed the sword, the lake and 'the once and future king' elements to Arthurian Legend.

This added to Urien Rheged's intriguing family tree which had already introduced the names Owain, Morgan Le Fay, Arthwys (Arthur) and Myrddin (Merlin) some 500 years earlier.

'Dunmail Raise', his stone burial pile, lies just to the south of Thirlmere only a few meters from the spot which made national headlines in December 2015 when the important A591 road was destroyed by Hurricane Desmond.

Despite the prominent location, the stones and their story remain virtually unknown to tourists. Discover what the ever-patient ghosts of Dunmail's army wait for their defeated king to do.

Controversial Ennerdale

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One of the most controversial regions in the UK:

The huge, isolated valley of Ennerdale is often overlooked entirely by tourists, in part, due to a lack of roads and facilities anywhere nearby.

The entire valley has been designated a 'Wild Valley' - which conflicts harshly with many commercial interests, but gives it a special advantage when it comes to star-gazing.

Ennerdale is one of the few 'Dark Sky' locations in the UK.

The use of the valley for disposal of nuclear waste is still being hotly debated, and Former President Bill Clinton proposed to Hillary here in 1973 (she turned him down on this occasion).

Storms in this valley can be violent enough to alter the course of the river, which they did again very recently. See for yourself how it looks now in this clip.